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South Burnett Tourism: Help
Our site has been designed to be as simple as possible to use and as easy as possible to navigate. We not only provide information about the South Burnett as a whole, but also allow you to "drill down" to obtain detailed information about specific townships or localities within our region.

You can obtain an overview of the geographic layout of the South Burnett from our Maps section (you can even print off maps to bring with you on your visit!).

If you're searching for specific information about a township or locality, use our Towns section to locate the area you're interested in. The links which appear on each township's page will then provide you with lists of accommodation, eateries, attractions and other tourist features specific to that particular town.

Alternately - if you're interested in a broader regional view - you should consult Staying Here, What's On, Attractions, Eating Out and Amenities for region-wide listings.

Many of our tourist operators have web sites and where they do their individual entries in our tourism database are hyperlinked to those web sites. Again, this can provide you with even more information about any particular thing you're interested in.

If none of these answer your questions, though, please feel free to phone or email any of the South Burnett's Visitor Information Centres:


South Burnett Visitor Information Centre - Nanango
Cnr. Drayton and George Streets, Nanango
(immediately next to the Nanango Shire Council offices)
Phone: (07) 4171-6871


South Burnett Visitor Information Centre - Kingaroy
Haly Street, Kingaroy
(opposite the peanut silos)
Phone: (07) 4162-6272


South Burnett Visitor Information Centre - Wondai
Bunya Highway, Wondai
(located inside the South Burnett Region Timber Industry Museum)
Phone: (07) 4168-3864


South Burnett Visitor Information Centre - Murgon
Lamb Street, Murgon
(in the middle of the parklands in Murgon's CBD)
Phone: (07) 4168-3864


Special Note
This web site is expanding and the site you're currently viewing is phase 2.5 of a four-phase project. As a result, you can expect the volume of information we supply to progressively increase over time.

If you'd like to see particular types of information on this site which we don't currently display, we'd welcome your ideas. Please email us and let us know how we can serve you better.


Cooyar Suspension Bridge

Above: The South Burnett has many unusual sights - such as the Cooyar Suspension Bridge, above - and many people find the region a delightful place to explore (photo courtesy of Clive Lowe)

Discover the Magic of the South Burnett

Wine and Food, Great Lakes, Bunya Mounains... Discover The Wonderful Towns Of The South Burnett
You can also find out more about the South Burnett through South Burnett Online and South Burnett Cuisine
Get more information from any of our South Burnett Visitor Information Centres:

NANANGO (07) 4189-9446  ·  KINGAROY (07) 4189-9172  ·  WONDAI (07) 4189-9251  ·  MURGON (07) 4189-9387

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