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South Burnett Attractions: An Overview
Unusual Activities To Captivate You!
The South Burnett is the home of Australia's peanut and navy bean industries. It's also Queensland's largest wine producing area and has some of the best inland waterways in the State. Not surprisingly, there's lots to see and do - and something for every interest.

The principal types of attractions you can see on your visit are listed below.

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Wineries and Cellar Doors
The South Burnett has an expanding range of award-winning wineries and cellar doors. It's also home to the Booie Range Distillery, only the third distillery in the State. In addition, our region also has two major annual wine festivals held every March and October.


You can take a wide variety of tours in the South Burnett - everything from factory and farm tours through to sports fishing adventure tours and Harley motorcycle riding tours. Make sure you pack for adventure!


Arts and Crafts
The South Burnett has a range of local arts and crafts industries along with several galleries which display a wide assortment of local artworks. Our region also has two week-long arts festivals each June and October, and smaller music festivals each September and October.


The South Burnett is an antique-hunter's paradise and there are many antique stores spread across the region. Goomeri - in particular - is becoming a dedicated antiques centre.


The South Burnett is home to many museums that concentrate on everything from rocks and minerals through to the impact and heritage of the Timber and Dairy Industries. Many of the region's museums house unique displays that can't be seen anywhere else in Australia.


The South Burnett has many RSL, golf and bowling clubs and all of them welcome visitors at any time. Many of the region's golf courses are particularly popular with golfers all over south east Queensland.


The South Burnett has dozens of pretty, well-maintained public parks with picnic tables, BBQs and other amenities. We're also home to the Jurassic-era Bunya Mountains National Park and the Palms National Park (the smallest National Park in Australia)


Water Sports
Most major water sports such as fishing, water skiing and diving are carried out on the South Burnett's two great lakes (Lake Barambah and Lake Boondooma). The region also has many public swimming pools, including several heated ones.


Movies, 10-pin bowling, live bands... the South Burnett offers visitors a great range of entertainment any time of the year. You can find out what's happening today from our live daily events calendar. Or you can plan a visit around one of the South Burnett's many festivals listed on our Major Annual Events calendar.

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The South Burnett has something for everyone!

Above: The South Burnett has many unique attractions that can't be seen anywhere else in Australia - and something to suit every interest and age group (photo courtesy of Clive Lowe)

Discover the Magic of the South Burnett

Wine and Food, Great Lakes, Bunya Mounains... Discover The Wonderful Towns Of The South Burnett
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