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How To Book Your Stay In The South Burnett
We Make Visiting Us Easy!
If you intend to visit the South Burnett and want to book tours or accommodation in advance of your trip, we recommend that you deal directly with individual operators by phone or (in increasing numbers of cases) by email. They can confirm your booking immediately and answer any questions you might have on the spot.

All the South Burnett's tourist amenities (accommodation, attractions, eateries and so forth) are listed in our site's tourism database along with their current phone numbers. Where they have a web site, we link directly to that as well.

But if you're trying to book a group or would prefer some help, we're certainly willing to assist you at no charge!

The South Burnett maintains four accredited Visitor Information Centres at Nanango, Kingaroy, Wondai and Murgon. Each of our Visitor Centres can be contacted by phone or email and will be delighted to make individual or group booking arrangements for you if you prefer.

You can find out how to contact each centre from the list below:


South Burnett Visitor Information Centre - Nanango
Henry Street, Nanango
(inside the South Burnett Energy Centre)
Phone: (07) 4189-9446


South Burnett Visitor Information Centre - Kingaroy
Haly Street, Kingaroy
(opposite the peanut silos)
Phone: (07) 4189-9172


South Burnett Visitor Information Centre - Wondai
Bunya Highway, Wondai
(located inside the South Burnett Region Timber Industry Museum)
Phone: (07) 4189-9251


South Burnett Visitor Information Centre - Murgon
Lamb Street, Murgon
(in the middle of the parklands in Murgon's CBD)
Phone: (07) 4189-9387


Award-winning South Burnett wines

Above: The South Burnett is a popular location for small conferences and group tours. Any of our Visitor Information Centres can help you book accommodation, meals and tours in advance of your visit (photo courtesy of Clive Lowe)

Discover the Magic of the South Burnett

Wine and Food, Great Lakes, Bunya Mounains... Discover The Wonderful Towns Of The South Burnett
You can also find out more about the South Burnett through South Burnett Online and South Burnett Cuisine
Get more information from any of our South Burnett Visitor Information Centres:

NANANGO (07) 4189-9446  ·  KINGAROY (07) 4189-9172  ·  WONDAI (07) 4189-9251  ·  MURGON (07) 4189-9387

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