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Banks and Banking Facilities
Where To Get Extra Cash If You Need It
The South Burnett has a wide variety of banking facilities. These include not only the major banks but also several building societies and credit unions. Many South Burnett retailers also offer EFTPOS facilities for cash withdrawals in an emergency.

Here's where you can get cash in a hurry if you need to:


Blackbutt Rural Transaction Centre
Nanango Shire Council Chambers
69 Hart St, Blackbutt
(provides banking, post, phone, fax and Medicare Easyclaim services)
Phone: (07) 4163-0033


Bendigo Bank
23 Toomey Street, Yarraman
Phone: (07) 4163-8162


Heritage Building Society
98 Drayton Street, Nanango
Phone: (07) 4163-3444


ANZ Bank
19 Alford Street, Kingaroy
Phone: (07) 4162-5686


Bank of Queensland
Kingaroy Shoppingworld, Kingaroy
Phone: (07) 4162-7533


Bendigo Bank Agency
193 Kingaroy Street, Kingaroy
Phone: (07) 4162-1223


Commonwealth Bank
208 Kingaroy Street, Kingaroy
Phone: (07) 4162-1344


Heritage Building Society
Kingaroy Shoppingworld, Kingaroy
Phone: (07) 4162-1275


National Bank
206 Kingaroy Street, Kingaroy
Phone: (07) 4162-3945


Suncorp-Metway Bank
172 Haly Street, Kingaroy
Phone: 4162-6088


Westpac Bank
21 Alford Street, Kingaroy
Phone: 132-032


Heritage Building Society
Inside Wondai Newsagency, 50 Mackenzie Street, Wondai
Phone: (07) 4168-5550


Pioneer Permanent Building Society
20 Mackenzie Street, Wondai
Phone: (07) 4169-0243


Bank Of Queensland
Suite 2, 60 Lamb Street, Murgon
Phone: (07) 4169-5555


Heritage Building Society
Inside Soul Pattinson Pharmacy, 111 Lamb Street, Murgon
Phone: (07) 4168-1022


National Bank
90 Lamb Street, Murgon
Phone: (07) 4168-1588


Westpac Bank
76 Lamb Street, Murgon
Phone: 132-032


Pioneer Permanent Building Society
27 Moore Street, Goomeri
Phone: (07) 4168-4005


Credit Union Australia
Inside Kilkivan Shire Council's offices,
26 Bligh Street, Kilkivan
Phone: (07) 5484-1133


Having fun at the Dairy Industry Museum in Murgon

Above: The South Burnett has a wide range of banking facilities. Most ATM's are located in Nanango, Kingaroy and Murgon, while supermarkets and many petrol outlets provide EFTPOS (photo courtesy of Clive Lowe)

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